Garbh Sanskar (Spiritual & Psychological development of the child in the womb) is an in-depth subject. A single book about it won't be enough; According to Indian culture, since ancient times Vedas, Upanishads, and scriptures have made efforts to create awareness about humankind. Its use has become possible even in today's age. Reading those scriptures has benefited our family and children. The values we wanted to see in our children were visible through the process and activities of Garbh Sanskar during my pregnancy journey. This experience gave me an unexplored path in my life, and I believed, how can every mother experience what I have experienced. And as a result, 'The Mother Garbh Sanskar Academy' was started. I was very much encouraged by every mother who believed and came in. Then readings on Garbh Sanskar began, and I found inspiring and unexplored knowledge. Initially, I planned to create a mobile application to reach the maximum number of mothers. But in the beginning, I realized that mobile can become a hurdle and can defiantly create unexpected challenges during pregnancy. Lastly, it was decided to deliver the information in a book to every mother. Which I am grateful to present to you today.

Through research done by Vedas, Upanishads, religious-spiritual texts, literature, and research, I was able to contemplate and reflect on every little piece of information before and during pregnancy. The pregnancy journey is a divine process when mothers evolve physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I believe that divine circumstances were created by the supreme for me to work on the in-depth subject of Garbh Sanskar. I have learned from my experiences that the mother must listen & follow her heart during pregnancy because the words of the heart are the words of the supreme. Only then can the mother consciously connect with the child in her womb. Through this book, the words of my heart reach your heart, and I hope that those words will help you all in life & the divine pregnancy journey. We are grateful that God, the Most Gracious, has chosen us for the writing on Garbh Sanskar.  May God bless every mother of the world. Thank you all very much from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you a million.

Dr. Monika A Bhadiyadra

(B.H.M.S., C.GO)

The Mother Hospital &

Garbh Sanskar Academy

Surat, Gujarat, INDIA.

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